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Our meat mix is great with ground, beef, pork, chicken or turkey, It is a mix of dried shiitake, shiitake powder, either green pepper or jalapeno depending on the mix. Other spices such as onion, herbs, pepper and a small amount of sea salt. 
   timmeat1 the mix is for 2lbs,  I used 1 lb of meat and 1/2 pack of the seasoning mix. I added one egg and worked into the meat. Make either patties or balls. I cook mine in a cup cake pan, spraying each cup with light oil. The oven is set at 375,  I cooked mine for about 35 minutes.


The key is to cook your meat covered so the juices will steam the meat and rehydrate the dried goods. If your grilling patties, try steaming the meat some after removing from the grill.


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