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Ying 684 patients. 3,4 looking at substudies of the other class of heart failure drugs slowing heart rate—the beta-blockers—one is amazed at how few patients were investigated there. For example, the capricorn echo study investigated 127 patients, in seniors 112 patients were investigated (but only 43 with an lvef of 35%), and the merit-hf substudy looking at anti-remodelling effects investigated only 41 patients (although this was a magnetic resonance, not an echo study). 5–7 in other words, 6. 5% of the capricorn cohort, 2% of the seniors cohort, and 1% of the merit-hf cohort served as a basis to investigate the anti-remodelling effect of these three beta-blockers in systolic heart failure. Keeping in mind that 9. 3% of the shift cohort took part in the echo study, the data should not leave much uncertainty. Secondly, the data show that despite good treatment of heart failure, there is still the possibility to improve ventricular geometry by adding ivabradine to standard therapy. A total of 38% of patients on ivabradine had a decrease of lvesvi of at least 15% after 8 months and 36% had an increase of lvef of at least 5% (corresponding to 25% and 23% for the placebo group, respectively). Thirdly, a more detailed analysis of the placebo group according to median baseline lvesvi showed that those with lvesvi above the median more often reached the primary endpoint of the study, mainly driven by heart failure hospitalization. In other words, larger ventricles are prone to more frequent heart failure hospitalization. Previous section next section all that glitters is not gold despite all the progress made in the last years, there are still too many patients that do not respond well enough to modern heart failure treatment with a reduction in heart failure hospitalizations. 8 the shift echo study supports this painful knowledge. Nearly 50% of these well-treated patients taking additional ivabradine or placebo did not respond with a relevant change in lvesvi (â±15%) or in lvef (â±5%) after 8 months of treatment. This is truly disillusioning. Furthermore, the mean reduction of lvesvi of 7 ml/m2 after 8 months of treatment is quite acceptable, but other types of treatment can do even more. Specifically, cardiac resynchronization in patients with mild heart failure leads to a reduction of lvesvi of 19 ml/m2 after 12 months of stimulation 3,4 and an increase of 4. buy generic viagra generic viagra buy cheap viagra buy viagra cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online cheap viagra fast shipping overnight buy viagra online 6% in lvef (compared with a 2. 4% lvef increase in shift). Finally, ivabradine only works in patients with sinus rhythm. Luckily, the majority of heart failure patients are in sinus rhythm. However,. SARE Grant
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Timbertop Farm is a naturally grown shiitake mushroom farm located just out side of Ashland City Tennessee. We have been farming shiitake mushrooms for 14 years selling our bounty to local restaurants and farmers markets.

Our mushrooms are grown on premium oak wood. We chose the name Timbertop because we often acquire tree tops from newly harvested trees from our local logging industry. The tops of trees are considered a waste product by the industry, by harvesting these tops we are taking a waste product and converting them into a viable food source, a source that not only taste good but also a food that is considered a "Mega Food" because of it nutritional and medicinal values.

Timbertop Farm supports practical  conservation by striving to resource our farms production and sales needs locally first. We avoid harmful insecticides, herbicides and fungicides embracing the Bio Dynamic farming methods. We strive to be good stewards  of our land and of our local community being thankful for the our given place.

                                                                   Jim and Sharon Day

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