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This page will display some cooking ideals with the dried shiitake products that we are introducing to the market.

All our dried products are fresh mushrooms using the caps and stems hydrated.  We do not used fillers in our powder. The powder is 100% log grown mushrooms in a natural environment.

We now offer the Shiitake Powder:  This 1.4 oz packet compares to about 1 pound of fresh mushroom. We do not use fillers, the caps and steams are used in this product. Our mushrooms are natural grown on oak and other hardwood logs. This link will provide  nutrition facts  

The powder can be used many ways ,my favorite  way is to coat the outside of a roast and bake on high. It makes a great crust for the meat. 

I started using the powder in my cup of soup, then added to my pizza sauce and gravy. I had customers spray root vegetables with oil and coat them with the powder and then there are some that take the powder as a nutritional  choice. 

For instructions on the meat mix click this link. meat mix


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