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  Fall 07 Events

9-18-07   The weather has cooled down with a touch of fall in the air. I have started fruiting my private stock of logs. Good news is that it seems they survived the exstrem heat of the summer. The fruiting amounts have been low. I hope to start soaking the (grant funded logs) within the next 7 to 10 days.

  • 10-5-07   Started soaking section   lbs group B logs on the 4th of this month. I have stopped soaking them the last two days because they are naturally fruiting. Once those mushrooms are harvested I'll start the forced fruiting process again.
  • 10-7-07 Harvested mushrooms from   log groups that naturally fruited.
  • Group A     4.5 lbs.
  • Group B       1.0 lbs.
  • Other groups combined   >1 lbs
  • Finished soaking the remainder of logs in group B
  • 10-09-07 started soaking group A logs
  • Group B           6.5 lbs       ( 3 tagged logs as non fruiter's,   fruited!) Still have about 19 logs on the fruiting rack. So far I have a average of .5 lbs. per log
  • 10-10-07   harvested mushrooms
  • Group B       2.5 lbs
  • 10-15-07 harvested mushrooms
  • group B       3 lbs       with a total of 13 lbs first fruiting     33 of 42 logs fruited. All logs placed back outside, resting for second fruiting.
  • Group A:   removed remainder of logs from the soak tanks and placed in the fruiting house
  • Group C:   Started soaking today
  • 10-17-07 harvested mushrooms
  • Group A       12 lbs.
  • FInished soaking the last of group C and started soaking group D
  • 10-20-07   all of group D has been soaked and started soaking group E
  • 10-21-07   Harvested mushrooms
  • Group A   12 1/2 lbs.   Total for group A   29 lbs.     3 logs did not fruit during of the 3 were tagged all other logs produced
  • Put the last of group E in the soak tanks
  • 10-24-07 Harvested mushrooms
  • Group C   during 1/2 lbs
  • Started soaking group F
  • 10-29-07 Harvested mushrooms
  • Group C:   total harvested 5 1/4 pounds.   26 logs fruited, 23 logs did not fruit
  • Group D:   total harvested 4 1/2 pounds.     15 logs fruited, 27 logs did not fruit
  • I need to point out that I did have a few logs that were tagged as no-fruiters, fruited it seems this group suffered from the summer heat.
  • All of group E, F, G have been soaked and removed from tanks waiting for harvest, started soaking group H
  • The weather is now more fall like. We had rain every day last week, tempatures have cooled to 60's during the day and low 40's at night.
  • 11-6-07 Harvested mushroom
  • Group E:   3 1/2 lbs.   20 logs fruited   29 logs did not fruit
  • Group F:   1/2 lbs.         3 logs fruited       46 logs did not fruit
  • Groups G, H, I, L, M have been soaked and awaiting harvest.
  • Tempatures have cooled to our first freeze of the fall to 50's and low 60's during the day
  • Hope to have all groups soaked and awaiting harvest by early next week
  • Harvest mushrooms
  • Group G:   15 lbs.
  • Started soaking group O
  • 11-11-07 harvested mushrooms
  • Group G: 5 lbs. Total harvested 20 lbs.   All 49 logs fruited
  • Group H:   5 1/2 lbs. Total amount for this group is 5 1/2 lbs. 21 logs fruited   29 logs did not fruit
  • I have started resoaking for a 2nd fruiting my private stock of logs. Next week I will start resoaking the grant logs for a 2nd fruiting. It is my plans to first soak the logs in each group that fruited. Then go back to each group and resoak the logs that did not fruit this season. Any log that was marked last spring as a non fruiter that did not fruit this season will be removed and destroyed. The logs that did not fruit this season will then be tagged and resoaked in the spring to see if they will still produce mushrooms.
  • 11-14-07 harvested mushrooms
  • Group I:   Total harvested 16 lbs.     23 logs fruited   during logs did not fruit
  • Group J:   Total harvested lbs 1/2 lbs     6 logs fruited     19 logs did not fruit
  • 11-24-07 Harvested mushrooms:
  • Group K:   Total harvested 7 1/2 lbs.   4   logs fruited   20 logs did not fruit
  • Group L:     Total harvested 1/2 lbs.         7 logs fruited     13 logs did not fruit
  • Group M:   Total harvested 3 1/2 lbs       14 logs fruited   9 logs did not fruit
  • Group N:   Total harvested   during 1/2 lbs.     1lbs logs fruited   13 logs did not fruit
  • Group O:     Total harvested 4 3/4 lbs.     18 logs fruited     7 logs did not fruit
  • Group P:   Total harvested   3 1/4 lbs.   9   logs fruited     15 logs did not fruit
  • Have started resoaking logs in Group A that fruited on the first round, after completing all groups I will resoak the logs in each group that have not fruited this season and last season.
  • I have   finished resoaking my private stock of logs for this season second fruiting. Many of the logs that did not fruit on the first time around have fruited this time.
  • The weather is now closer to the winter tempatures. It was in the low 20's last night and only in the low 40's during the day. Lot more needed rain, this has helped with the weight of the mushrooms as well.
  • 12-4-07 I have continued with the second fruiting of Groups A, B,C, D, E, F, G, H, and started on I today have been resoaked. Group A has started pinning. It will be 5 to 7 days before group A will be harvested.
  • 12-8-07 I am now up to group L, will start a harvest on group A tomorrow. All my private stock of logs have been fruited and placed back into the resting area. The fall harvest of those logs were double the harvest of the past spring. The weather has turned from winter to spring like in the last day or so. 70F today! how nice. With rain and warm tempatures it should make a good mushroom week.
  • 12-17-07 Harvested mushrooms
  • Group A Total harvested   20 1/4 pounds
  • Group B   Total harvested   8 pounds
  • Group C   Total harvested   6 pounds
  • Group D   Total harvested     3 1/2 pounds
  • It has turned cold again, it will take awhile to get a harvest from the other groups and I am sure they will be a small amount. I have started soaking the logs that have fruited in groups A, B, C, and D
  • 12-24-07 I am still waiting on the other groups for a harvest. Pinning has been light and harvest amounts will be low.
  • I have started soaking the logs that have not fruited at all or this season.
  • 1-15-08   still trying to close this season out. It has been a slow go. I finnaly was able to move some logs out of the fruiting house, so now I can finish soaking the last of the logs, maybe by the end of the month I can have all the final numbers. I have also been working on having a Open House and Meeting on March the 7th 2008. This event will cover the purpose and results of the grant. I am working on having a guest speaker from the local Forest Department on tree deseases, maybe in the next few days I can have a official posting.
  • 2-11-08  All the remainder of groups have been placed back in the outdoor area. The fruiting amounts were one pound or less per group. The weather and tempatures was a major cause. The finial production chart has been completed and posted and finial summary has been written and will be posted in a few days.
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