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  Spring 07 Daily Event Log

  • In this page you will read the daily or weekly events concerning the managing and fruiting of the grant funded shiitake logs.
  • 3-21-07 Moved section during group B logs to fruiting house for pre-seasonal warming and watering. There are 41 logs in this group. They appear to be in good shape, ends of logs appeared to be dried.
  • 3-22-07 Moved section during group A logs to fruiting house for pre-seasonal warming and watering. There are 50 logs in this group. They appear to be in good shape, a few logs showed signs of pinning, ends of logs appeared to be dried.
  • 3-26-07 Moved section 2 group C logs to fruiting house for warming and watering even though it has been very warm but also very dry for this time of the year. I've noticed that several of the logs the spawn holes it appears that   bugs have eaten or dug out. The drilled holes are empty. There are 47 logs in this group.   I also repaired busted water lines from the winter freeze and started using the sprinkler on all out side logs.
  • 3-27-07 Moved section 2 group D logs to the fruiting house for warming and watering. There are 43 logs in this group.
  • 3-28-07 Began section during group A   soaking 15 logs
  • 3-29-07 section during group   A 15 logs in soak tank
  • 3-30-07 section during group A 14 logs in soak tank
  • 3-31-07 section during group A put remainder of logs in soak tank. The first group of logs that were soaked has started to pin.
  • 4-1-07 Started section during group B. Soaked 20 logs. It was also noticed that the stations in the open field area some logs have pinned in sections 5, 7 and 8.
  • 4-2-07 section during group B soaked 12 logs
  • 4-3-07 section during group B soaked remainder of logs of this group, began bringing section 3 group E logs into the fruiting house.
  • 4-4-07 Began soaking section 2 group C, 14 logs finished bringing section 3 group E logs into the fruiting house. The weather has changed from upper 70's , low 50's upper 40's at night to lower 50's during the day to 30 - upper 20's at night. We are not expecting a warming trend until the 10th of this month.
  • 4-5-07 Section 2 group C soaked 14 logs, began harvest of section group A logs
  • 4-6-07 section 2 group C soaked   11 logs
  • 4-7-07 section 2 group C soaked remainder of logs 49 logs total.
  • 4-8-07 Had 4 logs that did not pin in section 1 group A. Resoaked those logs today.
  • 4-9-07 Started soaking section 2 group D 14 logs
  • 4-10-07 Soaked section 2 group D 12 logs, Started warming trend. Recorded lows in the fruiting house during this past cold snap was at 38 F at night and upper in the 80's during the day.
  • 4-11-07 Soaked section 2 group D 12 logs.
  • 4-12-07 Soaked remainder of section 2 group D logs, began bringing up section 4 group G logs to fruiting house for warming and watering.
  • 4-13-07 Section 1 group B: 17 logs pinned, 15 did not. Began resoaking them,   10 logs
  • 4-14-07 Section 1 group B soaked remainder of logs.
  • 4-15-07 Started soaking section 3 group E 15 logs
  • 4-16-07 Soaked another group E, 12 logs Also had small harvest from groups A, B, C, and E brought up another load of group G logs to the fruiting house.
  • 4-17-07 Soaked another group E, 14 logs
  • 4-18,07 Soaked remainder of group E, finished bring up group G into the fruiting house: a large amount of these logs have pinned single mushrooms without soaking. Group "C" 24 logs did not pin and resoaking will began tomorrow.
  • 4-20-07 soaked remining group C logs, group "B" on second soaking 14 logs did not pin, all of group "A" logs are now back out side total punds harvested 15.75 pounds.
  • 4-26-07 Resoaked all the logs that did not pin in group D. Only 2 logs pinned, started soaking group "F", harvested and moved remaining group :B: logs to resting area. total pounds harvested for group "B" was 7 pounds.
  • 4-29-07 started soaking group "G". out of 47 logs of group "C", 20 logs did not pin, all of group "C" logs are back in the resting area
  • 5-3-07 Busy day on the farm. Moved all log of group "D" back outside to the resting place. Out of 47 logs only 6 fruited less than 1 pound. 44 did not pin.  started resoaking group "E" 20 logs did not pin, Opened up a second soak tank finished soaking the remainder of group "G" Moved group "J" into fruiting house 25 logs.
  • 5-6-07 The resoaks of group "E" has been completed, continued soaking group "H" started resoaking group "F" 42 logs did not pin, brought group "I" into the fruiting house 25 logs.
  • 5-10-07 Group K has been taken to the fruiting house, started soaking group "I", Finished resoaking group "F": 5 logs A specail note about the outside logs so far all three groups have other fungi growth on them. The growths are different on each group and I have not identified them as of yet.
  • 5-11-07 Finished soaking group I
  • 5-14-07 Here are the weights for group "C" 5.75 pounds, group "D" .5 pounds,    group "E" 49 logs, resoaked 20. 18 did not pin, group "F" 49 logs, resoaked 42, 39 no pin,  finished bringing up group "L", all of group "J" has been soaked and started soaking group "K"
  • 5-15-07 Group "E" harvest weight: 8 pounds  Group "F" harvest weight: 1.25 pounds, continued soaking group "K"
  • 5-22-07 Resoaked group "H" , have soaked groups "I", "J", "K" , "L"  Group "G"  49 logs, resoaked 4, 2 of those foue fruited one was removed and destoryed because of desise belive to be diathrype stigma total harvested for group "G" was  12.5 pounds
  • 5-24-07 Group "H" harvested 2.5 pounds  out of 50 logs 19 fruited 31 resoaked 5 of them fruited total 24 fruited. Statred soaking group "M"
  • 5-31-07 Past days have been resoaking groups, J, K, I and L and completed soaking group "N" Group "I" soaked 25, resoaked 8, 3 of those 8 fruited 5 did not total harvested 5 1/2 pounds  Also it has been very hot and dry over the past several weeks. The other groups have been watered with a sprinkeling system every other day for one to two hours.
  • 6-2-07 Have moved groups "K" and "J" back to there resting places. Group "J" out of 25 logs only 5 logs fruited, Group K out of 24 logs 10 fruited 1 removed due to infection. Group "K" harvest 2.5 pounds, Group "J" harvest 1/2 pound
  • 6-9-07 Been busy this past week. here's the update: all groups have been soaked, groups "M" and "N" have been resoaked. I have also started on the second fruiting for group "A" and "B".
  • 6-13-07 Have completed soaking of A and B groups, have started soaking group C. Will be doing resoaks on groups O and P
  • 6-15-07 Here past soaking results group "L" 20 logs harvested 4 pounds, out of the 20 14 had to be resoaked out of those 4 fruited., group "M" 23 logs harvested 5 pounds out of the 23 logs 3 were resoaked one of them fruited, group "N"  had 25 logs 3.5 punds were harvested out of the 25 logs 14 were resoaked and 2 of them fruited. All of group "C" has been soaked and started soaking group "D"
  • 6-18-07 Harvest amounts for group "O" 25 logs 8 no fruit total pounds 4.5  Harvest amounts for group "P" 25 logs 19 no fruit .75 pounds.  I have started soaking group "E"
  • 6-20-07  Group "A" 50 logs 2 no pin, harvested 17 pounds  Continued to soak group "E" and started group "F"
  • 6-26-07 Group "B" harvested 8.5 pounds   Group "C" harvested  3 pounds, group "D"  harvested  4 pounds.  Continued soaking logs now up to group "I"
  • 7-5-07 Things are moving fast in this hot weather. I am now up to group "L". Will post harvest amounts for G and H this weekend. I should be finished with my 2nd fruiting next week. I will then post a complete evauluation of this season.
  • 7-9-07 I am now soaking groups "o" and "p" This will be the last of the fruiting for the spring cycle.
  • 7-17-07 All groups have now been fruited. I will post a summary of results of amount harvested per group and how many logs are active in the next week or so.
  • 8-1-07 Summary results have been posted.
  • 8-10-07:  Hot is the word. 104 yesterday and pushing 100 today. All sections are being watered with the sprinlking system.
  • 8-24-07> Hot is still the word. Nothing has changed. We have been at 100 F or higher now for several weeks without any rain. It looks like nothing will change in the week ahead. All sections are being watered every other day.
  • 8-29-07:  Rain at last and has cooled down a bit to the low 90's. The next posting will be listed under FALL 07 for the fall fruiting cycle. I'll start this at the end of September to the first of week of October.
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